High Roller Casino Canada 2023

High rollers have always been “the celebrities” of casinos, betting enormous amounts of money and providing the ultimate gambling experience. This text compares brick-and-mortar and online high roller casino experiences in Canada and what to expect.

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high roller online casinos Canada
A high roller casino is just one of the many types establishments you can find to gamble online, the most concrete difference between high roller casinos and regular online casinos are the betting limits. Such differences exist for a simple reason – some players are not interested in low-stakes games. A player who is not afraid to invest large sums of money in games is called a “high roller”. Find out more about high roller gambling houses, live and online gambling, how to find a great online high roller casino in Canada, and more.

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📍 How we rate Canadian high roller casinos

There are not many high roller options available in Canada as people tend to enjoy gambling for little money. But those gambling services that do allow higher stakes are always a reliable place to play at. Bearing that in mind, here is what players who wish to go wild should pay attention to when choosing their online casino.

♠ Safety

A high roller casino should be safe and reliable. Since dealing with large amounts of money, your personal and banking information should be safe and protected. We suggest picking a gambling house based on their gambling licenses and security protocols.

🔐 Betting limits

The best online gambling sites to win big are those which, of course, provide the best minimum and maximum betting limits. There is not much point in choosing a casino where you can’t bet big – no big bets, no big wins, unless you’re lucky enough to hit a jackpot.

🌟 Bonuses

Great online gambling spots for high rollers are those that provide high roller bonus deals to new players. There are online sites in Canada that provide thousands of dollars as a welcome bonus, and receiving such cash to bet big is always welcomed.

💰 VIP and loyalty

Speaking of bonuses, many gambling sites have specific VIP or Loyalty programs. These include various special promotions, cash prizes, gifts, VIP high roller tournaments, or even dedicated assistants. Casinos that offer great bonuses to their loyal customers are the best.

A casino that appreciates its players is a casino for life.

chief editor Michael C Vargas
High roller casino Wild Tokyo BetAmo Greenspin Slot Wolf Bitkingz Spin Samurai
Max bonus 125% up to C00 50% up to C00 100% up to C20 110% up to C00 110% up to C00 100% up to C00
Wager x 45 x 40 x 50 x 50 x 45 x 55
Min deposit 300C$ 1500C$ 20C$ 450C$ 450C$ 300C$
Expires after 10 days 14 days 3 days 30 days 7 days 7 days
Spins 125 not 300 not not not
Spins wagering x 45 not x50 not not not
Bonus code not yes yes not not yes


🎮 VIP program benefits

Apart from the fact that players who invest more have a chance to win more, there are still many advantages for high rollers. Among others, the advantage is that greater turnover of money through the VIP or Loyalty program leads to an increase in the level (reputation) of the player, which gives them special benefits, or higher roller bonus options.

  • It is possible for a player to win a large bonus through the VIP program, and reaching such a lucrative level is certainly more difficult for players who gamble with smaller stakes. The more a player invests, the better the rewards they shall get.
  • Since high rollers can get big bonuses, the advantage over standard bonuses is the percentage of less investment played in order to wager the bonus and thus raise it. Of course, every player has their own aspirations and a sense of what gives them pleasure during internet gambling.
  • A high roller bonus can come in different forms. Most likely players will receive monetary bonuses, but also points which will increase their reputation, as well as to get tickets for prestigious events and trips, depending on the gambling service they use.
  • VIP members, apart from better bonuses and various promotions available, are also the main concern of many online casinos in terms of better wagering and betting limits. Some offer dedicated support as well.
the number of times a player needs to play through a certain amount in order to claim a bonus.

Is becoming a high roller worth it?

Our experts agree that high rollers enjoy the best gambling experience there is. Some play for fun, some play for money. High rollers have it all. Here is why:

Posted on
Grace Gotch

What’s the quickest way to double your “pocket money?” Betting big on red, of course.

Layla Rischbieth

Even if they don’t win big, people who have the possibility to bet big should do so, just for the excitement.

Alica Peter

Not only do high rollers earn more but they also get more for free. Casinos can reward their big-spenders with cruises, cars, and much more.


🎰 High roller games

High roller casino games are most often associated with classic table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. This isn’t due to their higher percentage of payouts, though some real and online casinos offer great odds for winning in these games. Although the biggest possible profit in blackjack is 1.5x invested, there are high roller slots or online high roller slot machines that can provide completely opposite conditions. With just one good “spin” and a smaller bet, you can win big.
how to become online casino high roller

⭐ Slots

Online gambling games offer the opportunity for greater winnings if you invest a slightly larger amount of money. Of course, high roller slots aren’t suitable for everyone’s pocket. There is a large number of casino players who are looking for high roller slot machines where they can play with larger sums of money, with stakes greater than a few hundred or thousands of dollars.

🥇 Table games

In both offline and online table game rooms, the attitude towards high rollers is extremely positive. Finally, since they are betting huge, the room receives fairly large amounts of wins from such players. These players have their own “high roller tournaments,” where entry can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. A primary example of such a tournament is the offline tournament The Big One for One Drop, which is held once a year and has a million-dollar ticket! Popular table games are

  1. Various high roller pokers;
  2. High roller roulettes;
  3. Various blackjack high roller games;
  4. High roller craps.

Even though slots are the most popular online gambling games, the popularity of table games at real casinos cannot be beaten. The thrill of getting the right card at the last moment is irreplaceable. That’s why Live dealer games are becoming so popular.


🎲 High roller live casinos

The maximum limits of bets in games against the house can be quite high. However, for those for whom such sums are not enough, the player can invest even more while playing live on the Internet. This can be achieved through live high roller casino games in which you have communication with a real live dealer, who leads your game via a camera in a studio or a real casino.

the gambling service, either online or brick-and-mortar.


💡 High roller casinos: land vs. online

There is a group of established online gambling spots with flawless results. Wealthy clients with high deposits play on their platforms. The organizers present this group with VIP memberships, along with exclusive promotions and special bonuses. They organize special tournaments for high rollers. In traditional facilities, such customers are served at the highest level, they are provided with apartments, limousines, etc. There are special rooms and rooms for VIP games. They enjoy special privileges over ordinary players. Each institution offers its own bonuses and incentive programs for VIPs, competing fiercely with each other.

👍 Land casinos pros

✔️ The thrill of playing in a land casino is insurmountable. There is no better feeling.

✔️ Betting is much more flexible as players can put personal possessions as bets.

✔️ Speaking of bets, the limits can be changed if the house and other players agree.

✔️ High rollers are incredibly valuable and popular. It is a lifestyle.

Bars, restaurants, suites, performances, openings… A fantastic weekend for all.

👎 Land casinos cons

❌ Tournaments are rare and there are certain requirements that are not as accessible as online.

There is much debate whether land or online casinos are better. And while they are quite different, although they serve the same purpose, there is no correct answer to the question. Some will prefer land casinos for the experience, others will prefer online options for its accessibility.

👍 Online casinos pros

✔️ Online gambling sites can be accessed anytime anywhere, and for free.

✔️ Online casinos offer demo games where players can learn the game first without spending any money.

✔️ Sometimes VIP and Loyalty programs can be so good that earning big money is easy.

There is a higher chance of winning as all games use Random Number Generators (RNG).

👎 Online casinos cons

❌ Playing alone at home and being in a crowded land casino is simply not the same.


📱 Mobile gameplay for high rollers

Whether you want to play for free or high stakes, it is possible to do so on your mobile device. Many online gambling sites provide mobile support, which means you can play games outside of your home. All it takes is to choose a high roller option that can be played either via the mobile internet browser or mobile app. Almost all Canadian online gambling sites can be played on:

  1. Windows and Mac devices;
  2. Android and iOS devices;
  3. Blackberry devices;
  4. Windows, Android, or Mac tablets.


high roller casino bonus

💢 High Roller casino bonuses

One of the main perks of gambling online is that new players receive great welcome bonuses. These can be used as free gifts to play for free or used to wager high and win big, with additional investments. The second option is much more suitable for high rollers, of course. These are the things to pay attention to when using such bonuses to earn high:

  • The best welcome bonus is the matching one, where a gambling house will match the percentage of your deposits. These can go up to 00 in total, and that is a serious amount to use for gambling.
  • Another useful bonus is where the site will give free cash without any deposit. These are extremely rare and such amounts are quite low. Still, putting more money into play will make a nice first bet.
  • Free spins can be used as well, but don’t get confused, these are only for slots, not for high roller roulette. Those are rarely available for big money slots as well, therefore can be used and net you some nice hits, but the amount of money that they can bring is not that high.
  • Simply giving out such bonuses is definitely not in the casino’s interest, and certain conditions should be met. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions, especially wagering limits and time limits as well.
when a player gets the payline combination by spinning slot reels.
Welcome bonuses High roller Casino Greenspin Spin Samurai BitKings Slot Wolf
Total bonus amount 100% up to C00 100% up to C00 110% up to C00 110% up to C00
1st Deposit 100% up to C0 100% up to C00 100% up to C00 100% up to C00
2nd Deposit 50% up to C0 75% up to C00 70% up to C00 70% up to C00
3rd Deposit 25% up to C00 50% up to C00 110% up to C00 110% up to C00
Free Spins 200 Not Not Not
Wager x50 x55 x45 x50
Min Deposit 210C$ 300C$ 450C$ 450C$
Expires after 3 days 7 days 7 days 30 days
Bonys Code Yes Yes Not Not


♣️ Maximum deposits at high roller casinos

Logically speaking, if the service offers games that are usually related to “big players”, it is understood that the investment limit will be appropriate for big players, ie. that it won’t fit everyone’s wallet. For example, a site that allows players to invest a maximum of a few hundred dollars on Blackjack is definitely not a high roller. Usual maximum investment limit for “high roller” players:

  • Roulette (outer fields): ,000;
  • Roulette (inner fields): 0;
  • Blackjack: ,000;
  • Casino poker games: 00;
  • Baccarat: ,000;
  • Slot games: 0.

Players can use the types of games that the gambling website offers as a parameter for finding gambling houses with large stakes, for the simple reason that some types of high roller casino games offer the possibility of higher investment than others. The possibility of investing depends on the chances of winning in a certain game, but also on how the game takes place, so some table games are much more profitable to invest in than, for example. slot games or video poker.

Earning big has always been the main charm of gambling. Many people were taking regular trips to Las Vegas in order to have fun and get some more cash into their pockets. It is all now possible from the comfort of your home.

High Roller Casino Bonus 2021 Explosino Loki GetSlots Duxcasino
Bonus 100% up to C0 50% up to C00 30% up to C0 30% up to C0
Wager x30 x50 x40 x40
Min. deposit C0 C00 C0 C0
Max. Bet C C C C
Spins 100FS not not not
Spins Wager x40 not not not

💠 How to become a high roller?

It will take: 10 minutes

How to play big? It's quite easy if you have some money to start off. Follow the next steps in order to gamble big:



To become a high roller, you need to have not only a fortune but also an understanding of how much you can lose without prejudice about yourself. You have to constantly learn to play high limits, and multi-thousand dollar bets shouldn't scare or anger you. These bet sizes are common for these players, and if you want to play successfully against them, you have to learn to think like them. For starters, you can simply go to any poker room and see how the game is played at tables with high limits.
The most famous high roller in the world is probably the billionaire Kerry Packer, who somehow lost 13 million dollars in blackjack in one day. However, there are cases of multi-million winnings on his 'account', because Packer is not an ordinary consumer, but a calculated and smart player. Another famous high roller is Ben Tolleren, his accounts are more modest, and during one year, he won 'only' one million dollars, losing 200,000 dollars.
A good licensed site with an excellent reputation strives to competently organize internal processes in the gambling joint. It adjusts the loyalty policy for each particular high roller so it doesn’t want to leave the gambling house. With this approach, the player gets the best game offers in comfortable conditions, and the site increases the rating and earnings from VIP clients’ visits.
Becoming a VIP for an online casino is not difficult. The site administration will pay attention to you as soon as your rates become higher than others. You will be offered VIP status and associated privileges. If you do not want to wait until they pay attention to you, you can contact technical support. So, before you make your first deposit, you can get information about their special bonus system.
High roller tournaments are more prestigious than any major event. The payment for such an event significantly exceeds the 'common' one, and just participating in it speaks for itself. The high roller stars at the table are constantly changing, passions intensify, and at the last heads-up, the audience freezes in anticipation. Still, the reward can exceed a million.
There are many manufacturers of gambling games, so the maximum stakes, slot game themes, graphics, and sound all differ from each other. As a result, Net Entertainment products may be more tempting to some, while others prefer slot games from other manufacturers. To narrow down the examples to the most popular, we should definitely mention Playtech and of course Microgaming, but also the Swedish software manufacturers Thunder Kick and Quick Spin.


🔈 Players reviews

  • Qwintix

    I’m not betting big because I’m not that rich, but man, I watch every poker tournament. Those are insane! Hope to experience that first-hand in the future.

  • Sweet_cat

    When I got some inheritance a few years ago, I immediately went to Vegas with my buddies. Lost half of it but it was amazing. Now I’m playing online and slowly getting some of the cash back.

  • Kamikadze

    There is no better feeling than entering a real gambling spot with tons of cash. They treat you like a God! Everything is available as long as you play.

  • Princess

    I once quit my job because I was earning so much from online gambling and betting. It’s easy money but can get tedious sometimes.

  • VlaDelec

    Live Dealer games are cool. I’ve been to Vegas only a few times and I loved it. Online gambling is nowhere near that level but live games are the next best thing, I guess.

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